Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"The Song...( And The Look In Her Eyes )"

From the look in her eyes-

Like the reflection of blue skies:

It's as if she's floating
In and out of reality:

And her arms are around me...

Becoming lost
In the fast beat

The swirling,

Smiling at me strangely-

The musical notes-
She's saying,
Are like natural highs-

And the whole tune
Is like an hallucinogen...

There's no other explanation:

She's caught up in
The whole surrealistic feeling-

As we move across the dance floor-

It seems the song
Has turned her on...

And the look in her eyes
Are now like those of a cat!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

"Crumpled Pages"

Crumpled pages hit the trash!

For I can say,
I was really trying
For some stinging words-

But they came flying out more
Like some little singing birds:

And the mood
I was striving to set-

Well, it was becoming
Much more worse than yet...

And the whole sense of the thing,
Was suddenly gone in a flash!

Right before my eyes-

Like real rock,
Morphing madly
Into bouncing
Bubblegum pop:

And being as I could clearly see
The deteriorating situation...

As line after line
Became a total waste of time-

Crumpled pages hit the trash!