Monday, January 30, 2012

"Call You To Task"

Ah, let me
Chide you,
Lecture you-
Oh, let me
Call you to task!

Something of course,
Not in depth-

Yet possibly offering
A veritable cornucopia
Of involuntary groans
In your dreams
While you have slept...

For you seem
So unconquerable girl-

To all of my advances...


As my heart dances:

Lost in the rhythm
Of your world.

"Simplicity Within Complexity"

If often
Like a ghost,
You float-

Simplicity within complexity
Is the keynote.

Like an editorial-

With the characteristics
Of a political speech:

Along with
The convenience
Of not having to
Make any sense.

Lost in what seems
A chaos arrangement...

Yet for those
Who know how:

The ability
To take hold of
The bounteous provision
Of such a format...

Therefore as Mr. Surreal,
I take a bow.

"Your Innovation"

Your innovation-

In every
Particular word-

Some sense
Of meaning given-

But still
You can talk
About the things
You've heard...

Yet you just don't feel
You can afford
To allow yourself
To become too standardized:

Being as it
All comes down to
The convenience-

That so many
Have searched for
Within the madness
Of your eyes.