Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Even With"

Some degree
Of spiritual experience-

As given:

From a narrower
To a wider sense-

Changing streams...


What would seem
Like madness
In dreams:

And many things...

As we glide-

Being incessantly

Oh, just to let
Old habits slide...

And be pushed aside:

As I find myself
Truly caught up in-

These meditations-


These meditations-

That seem to be based
Upon the end of all things!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

"The Romantic Mind"

Of the romantic mind-



The consciousness:

Yet something without-

Any misunderstanding of time:

And time again...

It all depends:

Who apprehends it-

Blends it:

Sends it...

Not to be confused with-

What today-

Is declared to be myth:


The perceptible things:

As well as to emphasize-

The necessity of dreams...

My own life itself-

Having become quite often:

Like some great dramatic play...

With and without you.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

"Love Song"

Possibly upon your part:

Within your heart-

And upon my part too:

At this point-

Probably even more than you!

A sequence of perceptions-

A conceptual love-

And the intentionality-

Without any deceptions:

When seeking all potentialities-

That reaches beyond the immediately:

Pretty baby, run to me...

To make you an object of longing
That exists for me:

Fantasy into reality-

A life with you to be
Considered very seriously:

What with your vast attractions-

That goes into action-

Every time I think of you-

And I think of you-

I think of you-

Woman, I think of you-

I think of you-

Only about you!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

"Sufficiently Attuned"

Sufficiently attuned:

But now-

Let me ask you-

Let me ask you-

Can we get somebody?

Can we just get somebody-

Somebody like that?

One who's a little bit less knowledgeable:

Like a girl that hasn't been mooned:

That hasn't been spooned:

Who doesn't have a staff...

Who has some sense:

And who's very much aware
That she's in possession of that?

And this-

And that-


And that-




Who has no dirty tricks to play?

Who's really okay?

And who loves to be left
Purring just like a cat?

And it's not an act...

Well, now-

Can we have somebody just like that?

Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Melancholy Mama (She's Got The Blues)"

A song expressing melancholy-

Melancholy mama-

She's got the blues...

The woman,
She'll leave you confused-

As she often
Seems to want to-

Yet not be used...

As the world itself-

Goes spinning along-

So violently-

And so noisily...

And she's singing
A song alone-

To herself:

A song expressing melancholy-

Melancholy mama-

She's got the blues.

"Philosophic Discussion"

Philosophic discussion
To the very high
Technical excellence:

The only problem being
That it's all nothing
But word-play...

A bag of tricks-

Formulations of fantasy-

Meaningless to the degree
Of actually making any sense.