Wednesday, March 21, 2018

"A Technicality"

It's all a technicality...

That is -

Your view,
And my view
Of reality -

And which view
Is the more true:

And which one
Is closer to
A world of
Pure fantasy?

Don't you see?

It's all a technicality...

And interestingly enough!

It's all become
Quite meaningless:

Just as I suppossed
It would be,
And should be -

For indeed!

What is a mere technicality -

When it comes to
You and me?

"Suicidal Reinvention?"

Was it suicidal reinvention -

Was that the intention?

Did you think
That would immortalize you?

Well, you didn't
Seem to realize
You weren't famous enough
For anyone to even care.

Sunday, April 6, 2014


She was like a nymph -

Or maybe I was going too far...?

Yet I so often
Placed myself 
Before her eyes,
That she might see me:

But she never saw me at all...

Though -

Thoughts of her!

Dreams of her!

Always took my mind and soul
To a great height:

And how I longed for her to love me -

But she never loved me at all...

My every fixed intent
Always came to nothing -

Because to her I was nothing...

And I at long last accepted -

That's what I would always be.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"The Power"

The power of democracy-

After any and all elections-

When the citizens,
And the dead have voted:

And let's not forget those who also voted-

And are said to have the right
To have their voice counted-

Even though they do not exist at all.

The power of democracy-

Very clearly,
There's a writing-

When the term "democracy" itself,
Becomes meaningless-

That is slowly appearing on the wall.

Friday, September 20, 2013

"Rehab Rationalizations"

There were all these rationalizations:

From them -

From me...

But none of them astounded me.

No, nothing they said, or I said - astounded me at all...

I didn't like them - I didn't like me.

And I especially didn't like this crap with the yoga.

A bunch of useless New Agers -

All part of the people I despise -

And in this instance, I didn't despise me...

But once I escaped this rehab center - first in my mind, and later in body:

They at least began to fade farther and farther into the background:

And I felt somewhat on the ascent -

No longer in such an absurd nightmare -

Because I think I must have died.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


The wolves, they howl...

Oh, well-

The spiders, they spin their webs:

And the luna  moths, they fly...

Slow-motion dreams-

Plummeting me down:

From the sky....

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

"Winningly Intricate"

 (A Song)

You're winningly intricate-

Girl, that's what you are!

It's real-

And from what I can feel-

It really seems-

What with all our hopes and dreams-

Baby, we're going to go far!

You're wonderfully intriguing-

Just what I've been needing-

Girl, you're winningly intricate-

Yeah, that's what you are!

Oh, you're irresistible-

Girl, just like a fast car!