Friday, July 22, 2011

"The Acquisition"

The acquisition of your sweet love:

The promise of new material in verse
That's completed and stored away-

In my heart:

Let us start!

Oh, babe!

What would you say?

Would you meet me upon a sunny day?

If I stood with verse to express my own love?

Would you say
That I'm the only one
That you've been thinking of?


I hope you know-

I wouldn't throw you a curve!

Since I need more-

And seemed to have forever longed for-

The acquisition of your sweet and perfect love!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"America To Where It Is Now"

The corrupt politics-
The corrupt economics-

The criminal Keynesian orthodoxy
That's got America to where it is now:

Going down-
Going down-

Therefore behold the very possible
Coming crumbling collapse
Of the American empire:

Destroyed by the groomed
Dancing puppet politicians,
Controlled by their globalist overlords:

The internationalist vampires-

Filled with their ancient
Satanic New World Order
Utopian desire:

That'll set the world on fire.