Saturday, February 27, 2010


No caesarism-
No kaiserism-

No despotism-
No autocracy-

And calling it democracy-

Such doesn't entertain:

Unless you're part of it-

Or long for the start of it-

Demonic- or insane...


Ah, freedom!

Let it be said...

Desolate is- any other form of earthly kingdom:

Even as the very concept of freedom itself-
All over the world,
Is being slowly and quietly
Put to bed...

So many freedoms already sleeping-

But not dead...


"The Aspects Of A Concept"

You say,
The aspects of a concept-
One in which you
Are referred to...

And any one of a number
That you might well,
And no doubt will-
Discover yourself.

But if you are directed-

Expect to be corrected-

Until there is another communication-

And you're suddenly
Into something-
Which to you,
Seems quite new:

It is your search for meaning-

The search for the truth.

"I Don't Want To Confuse"

I don't want to confuse-

I don't want you to think you're being used-

Understand it-

I'm not so underhanded:

For if you only knew-

If you only knew-

Woman, if you only knew-

The way I really feel about you!

You'd find yourself in a derangement-

And with a new attitude:

As you realized,
When you looked
Like the first time
Into my eyes:

I'm lost in a kind of delirium-

And my heart beats for you like a drum!

I may not always seem to show it-

But hopefully now:

Baby, you know it-

I love you!

So don't be confused:

Because I don't want to confuse-

No, not even when I do-

I don't want you to be confused:

I don't want to confuse- you!

"Sulfurous Words"

Your sulfurous words!

And you scowl-

After a shower of them from your lips:

Your sulfurous words!

And I take offense-

Have me up in arms!

No longer interested in your charms:

Should have had better sense-

You're a hot tempered woman:

And I will not make the mistake
Of asking you out again:

And again- and again.