Friday, April 30, 2010


You must remember-


With considerably more information:

That the thoughts verbalized-

Are open to misinterpretation...

And that,
Even more so-

Regardless of the nature of your spirit,
Or the state of your soul:

Though you may dream
About her beneath sunny skies:

And in your heart,
There's the childlike nights-
And fireflies:

When you're longing,
And lonely for her...

That may not at all be
What she believes
She sees in your eyes.

"Continued Emphasis"

The continued emphasis
On the importance of love-


And not indirectly...

Since I long for her
To think about me-


And to see-

How that she's
Waited all of her life...

And suddenly
It all seems to be:

Because of me...



"Not Sampling"

I'm not sampling music-

That may constitute a distribution:

I have my own interpretation:

With or without a revelation...

Though it does remain
My one great desire
Throughout it all,
That it becomes
Quite relevant-

Well, you know...

If I choose to use it.

"The Different Subject Matter"

Even for the different subject matter:

For it's true
That only they
That refuse to see-

Would say
It's random,
Rather than design:

The purposeful distortion...


If you're smart,
And deep down-

You do have a good heart:

Better beware:


Better beware all those
Various vested interests:

That you've allowed
Over and over again:

To play so many
Of those
Toe-tapping games
With your mind.

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Dream State Sequence"

Even the dream state
Had an appropriate sequence:

Before my eyes
In what I saw-
The images:

Oh, the vision of it all!

And within my ears as well,
The sounds of words
Blending together:

Bringing forth a new song!

Which I began to sing-

And suddenly
It was as if,
Or like thousands of angels
Also came-

And they too,
Began to sing:

And I heard them
Call my name.

"The World / The World"

Just to accelerate-

To hasten and hurry-

Going supersonic-

Or you just slow down-

Slow, slow, down...

But oh, not to worry!

You'll soon
Overtake the tonic,
And be right back
On your feet again!

For the world- the world-

The world is like a catalyst itself-

Exactly to the point of where you've been!

Or so they tell you-

So they tell you-

They tell you-

Yeah, they tell you.