Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"A Song To Illustrate"

A song to illustrate and insist upon:

It doesn't have to be a hit-

Or a tune so delicate-

That every note is as a thread of silk-

It's just a song to illustrate and insist upon:

Something that must be shown-

That it's always been about you, babe-

And how within my heart-

I've loved you for so very long.

"You Know How Easy It Is"

Of nonfictional prose-

Of poetry:

What's already learned-

The fantasy,
Within the chronological outline-

That you have no reason
To see turned:

And what's on your mind?

And did you forget again
To send your girl a rose?

But you know how easy it is
To comment upon the tendencies of the age:

And somewhat Shakespearean,
If you speak of your life
As your time upon the stage:

The things you have included-

And whether or not
You've been deluded?

Sometimes- that's just the way it is.

Monday, August 9, 2010

"Mrs. Browning's Addiction To Opium"

Mrs. Browning's
Addiction to opium-

And did
The mere thought of it-

Just to get a little more of it-

Have her heart beating
Just like a big bass drum?

No doubt-

But that she would observe
The taking of it-

Quickly getting the shakes for it-

When she didn't get some...

That is...

Mrs. Browning's
Addiction to opium.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"In Substance"

In substance,
The arrangement is:

Understanding the meaning-

And to know when you're not dreaming:

Nor to always be in such a hurry-

Nor to always be afflicted with such a worry-

Though that may seem impossible,
And probably is...

Yet you need not necessarily
Consult this number to find-

That is, number 82-

And not number 9:

Which seems meaningless-

And yet not to blow your mind...

That is, to do:

Revolution 82?