Thursday, September 15, 2011

"The United States Against Richard Nixon"

The United States against Richard Nixon-
Richard Nixon against the United States:

Case No. 73-1766:

Case No. 73-1834:

The entire history-

Still like a rather strange
Magical mystery tour...

American politics-

The twentieth century-

What materialized-

The facts and fictions-

Presidential communications,
And corn flakes:

The generalized-

As to what Watergate did-

Which was at least,
To some degree-

What opened up
A lot of American eyes...

Though it's true,
That Presidents before
And after-

Were involved in,
And will be involved in-

Even bigger crimes,
And larger lies.

Monday, August 29, 2011

"I'm Unspeakably Blue"

Unspeakably blue:

The end of the love-

Incontrovertible and final-

Now what am I supposed to do?

I'm unspeakably blue-

I'm unspeakably blue-

Crying over you:

I'm unspeakably blue-

I'm unspeakably blue-

Caught up in all the pain:

And I know I'm never
Going to get over
Losing you...

I'm unspeakably blue-


I'm unspeakably blue.

"Satin Blue Eyes"

She's a memory- dramatized.

No longer with her...

But I still recall
How she watched me
With satin blue eyes.

Her movements
That she made
Toward and away from me-
With such style:

And her smiles.

And though
I have no idea now
Where she might be...
Or whatever became of her,
Or whether she ever
Thinks of me-

I know for myself,
That I still love her:

And so our times together,
Though very long ago-

Can never in my thoughts,
Nor in my heart-
Ever be cheapened,
Or trivialized.

And over and over again,
I'll recall how she seemingly forever-
Watched me with those beautiful satin blue eyes!

Friday, July 22, 2011

"The Acquisition"

The acquisition of your sweet love:

The promise of new material in verse
That's completed and stored away-

In my heart:

Let us start!

Oh, babe!

What would you say?

Would you meet me upon a sunny day?

If I stood with verse to express my own love?

Would you say
That I'm the only one
That you've been thinking of?


I hope you know-

I wouldn't throw you a curve!

Since I need more-

And seemed to have forever longed for-

The acquisition of your sweet and perfect love!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

"America To Where It Is Now"

The corrupt politics-
The corrupt economics-

The criminal Keynesian orthodoxy
That's got America to where it is now:

Going down-
Going down-

Therefore behold the very possible
Coming crumbling collapse
Of the American empire:

Destroyed by the groomed
Dancing puppet politicians,
Controlled by their globalist overlords:

The internationalist vampires-

Filled with their ancient
Satanic New World Order
Utopian desire:

That'll set the world on fire.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

"Constant Companions"

The constant companions
Of ghosts
That follow you around-

Their faces reflecting frowns-

Noticeably longing
To bring you down-

And though you know
That they're there-

As they forever stare-

You also know that it's true-

Nobody can see them-

But you.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Jitterbugging Jane"

Jitterbugging Jane-
Back in the 1920s,
Till sometime into
The early 1930s-
She performed
Under that name:

Knew gangsters-

Did stripteases,
In speakeasies-

Quite insane:

She was anybody's girl-

Jitterbugging Jane!

Even with the hobos
And bums that came
Off the freight trains-

She had no air of superiority-

With what she had she was quite free:

Not exactly beautiful,
Nor even lovely-

In fact-
From the photographs
In her autobiography,
She looked pretty ugly-

But she was a girl of mad abandon,
And was up for any sort of game:

Must have been
Really popular in her time-

Which gave her I suppose,
Some degree of a claim to fame...

But as for me,
If the truth be told-
Even with the old proverbial
Ten foot pole:

I myself,
Wouldn't have touched
Jitterbugging Jane!

"Putting Ideas Into Your Head"

I love putting ideas into your head!

I love to get you all a flutter-

Not sure of what words
You're supposed to utter-

Back to me...

But more than anything-

I love putting ideas into your head!

Yeah, as I flatter,
And pour on the butter-

Talk about your hair
And your eyes-
Talk about how your voice
Is like moonlight,
And your laugh like sunny skies:

Make you feel quite special-

Make you stop,
And stammer,
And stutter-

In all this attention
Being paid to only you!

I love putting ideas into your head!

And of course,
I know
You realize what I'm up to-

Yes, I am trying to steal
Your heart from you!

And it looks like
I'm succeeding too...

So no point in letting your face go red-

For you know what I've already said:

I love putting ideas into your head!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"Meditation ( Earlier In This Century )"

Philosophical meditation
Earlier in this century-

And being as this is reality:

If I'm not mistaken-

It would have been,
Just a decade ago.

But there is meaning...

With thoughts back to the ancient days.

The civilization, and civilizations
Between the Tigris and Euphrates-

And it's still all bread and gravy, baby-.

Friday, April 8, 2011

"Narrative Of A Life"

The narrative of a life-

An autobiography...

Interpretation- and to what degree pure fantasy?

But the same is true with biography too-

Philosophize- tell lots of lies...

Poetic licence?

Well, that's usually the worst defense.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

"The Devoted"

The devoted
To signs and symbols:

And what they will find
Pleasure and satisfaction in.

And again...

With the hope
That they won't be seen
As just being on dope:

When with several features found:

Enclosed in square brackets:

And Johnny Cash singing-
"When The Man Comes Around."

Ah, Jesus Christ-

Jesus Christ-

"Oh, Little Town Of Bethlehem."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

"The Lost"

The lost-


Like some forgotten song!

The dreams that have vanished into the mist:

The dreams very simply-

That no longer seem to exist:

With only the memories of our days-

Of being so carefree:

And I was in love with you-

And you-

You were in love with me.

Monday, March 28, 2011

"They Say The Ladies"

They say the ladies-

In their beauty-

Measured by magnitude-

Their effect upon you-

A criterion of merit-

Also accumulated in their attitude...

As well as if they're outgoing or shy?

Their psychology-

Their sense of reality-

And of fantasy-

And if they had wings-

Could they fly?

Saturday, March 26, 2011

"An Impetus Toward"

An impetus toward-

What doesn't leave you bored:

If not notable as literature-

At least some degree of lyric quality...

Which these days,
Considering what passes for poetry-

Is good enough I'm sure:

And if juvenile-

Just let that be the style:

Who knows,
But that maybe
It'll take you in
After a while?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

"Uncertainty, (Inflation, And High Prices)"

Uncertainty, inflation, and high prices-
And you search diligently,
But you're not sure whether
You should plan that far ahead...

For where are the traditional strongholds of reality?

These days,
Almost impossible to find.

Dirty politicians
Who promise fairyland
And fantasy:

These puppets on strings-

With their supporters
Like sheep,
That on cue
Lift their heads
And begin to sing...

Therefore embrace the obvious-

That the vast majority
Have been bought and sold,
And are a total waste of time.