Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"Through It All (A Song)"

Oh, through it all-

My thought has persisted:

Off and on
With sanity-



And fantasy!

But no matter...

For I do think
I've been consistent:


Oh, endlessly-

In this- my love for you!

And I know quite well,
As time does tell-

That I've done much more
Than simply existed-

With you:

Oh, these many years through!

So yes- deep within my heart,
My thought has indeed persisted:

And I've not resisted!

No- not once in the thought-

That it was meant to be:

Even inserting that well-worn phrase-

Yes... here it comes:

"You and me!"


Need I ask you,
What else could I-
Or can I do?

Monday, October 12, 2009


Subsequently the alchemist:


And a time traveler
Can take a walk
Back into the past...

Dallas- Dallas-

Time slowed down,
But at the same moment-

It was moving way too fast:

In music alone-

The Beatles
Hadn't arrived yet:

And Elvis
Was no longer
Such a sure bet.

But everybody loved
Watching TV-

It was America- 1963.

And well,
To me,
In looking back
Into the history-

It wasn't that
There was all that much
About Kennedy:

But it seemed somebody
Was really playing hardball-

An early version
I would suppose,
Of "Shock and Awe."

And there was just something
About Lee Harvey Oswald:

That just didn't feel right-

And the feeling
Continues on into the now:


If not some conspiracy...

Just like a merry-go-round.

But it was America- 1963.

Yes, it was... America.



America- 1963.

Friday, October 9, 2009


These words,
These words,
These lines-
They're my scribbles:
But as far as scribbles-
These scribbles-
It just goes to show,
Not all the mad are inside: You know?

So you slide,
I slide,
We slide...

Oh, troubled soul!

And yet how I know,
I cannot disappoint those- Yes? / No?

No! No! No!
For I must remember
Like in Bedlam of old,
How they, the mad-
Were forced to wear ghost clothes...

And so like a carnival ride:

The whole world,
It slowly begins to slide...

It slides! It slides! It slides!

Proving as I've already said,
Not all the mad are only inside:

And that's not even counting
The ones that are dead...

Oh, no, no, no, no:

These lines,
These lines,
These words-
Are scribbles:

My scribbles-

These scribbles-

My scribbles-

These scribbles-




Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Hoots / Whistles"

Hoots and whistles-

Elected public officials-

And there's good reason to be weary... "Scratch!"

The Devil has many other lower names
Besides Lucifer- and one of them is: "Scratch!"


A second paper-

And yet they're saying
On the TV and radio,
That no more flying pigs' hearts
Will be left in, and not cut out-

They're lying of course.

But anyway...

What was that all about?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

"If I Have Been Idle"

If I have been idle-

Yet afterwards wrote-

Picturing things in my mind-

Words that form lines-

That I want to hear sing-

And that maybe even floats...

A song,
A poem-
Whatever you want to call it:

Kick in-
Kick out-
If you ever saw it: or not-

A lyric?

Yes, a lyric, I would suppose-

Or at least- a bit of,
Or kind of verse that may bring...dreams.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Dream My Dream, (Along With Me)"

Dream my dream,
Along with me-
For all the possible poetry-

That probably will never be:

Bringing up a cry
For hearts
That will not always beat-

The remembrance
Of a smile or a tear
For every line- (bittersweet).

And yet dream-

Oh, with hope,
And to dream!

Yes, come dream my dream,
Along with me...

The sense of fantasy,
With pen and ink-

And like Keats,
Hoping to transform
It all into reality:

Oh, the things to feel,
And the things to know-

In taking the verse to and fro:

For even though the sun
Upon this world,
May seem to be
Setting sadly low-

Still I ask- if only for a moment:

Come dream my dream,
My dream,
My dream,
Along with me.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

"Is There Any Peace To Live Again-"

Is there any peace to live again-

In my thoughts?

Within all my memories?

Even within my melancholy?

Things that will not let be!

For these indeed-

Are not forgotten things...

Not within my heart:

Nor within my soul:


How I fight-

Not to let go....

"Personality - Phantasms"

Abysmal personality-

Phantasms floating,
Not walking-
Their feet always
A few inches
From the floor:

Nightmares- noon-

And the circumstance
Is the same
With the moon-

A whirlpool
Of lonely,

I've often heard said-

Deep within my eyes of blue:

Watching you.