Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Love Like Music"

Isn't it in itself,
The nature
Of the real thing?

Compare it to rock and roll-

Like the songs,
The really good love songs-

That come to you
Articulating the primacy
Of the whole:

The words and the music,
That can cycle down-
And spin around,
Right into
And through
Your very soul...

And you realize
All the things you know:

And you long
For somebody with you
To never go-

To always stay with you,
Stay with you...

So isn't it true-

That love-



Oh, isn't it true
That love in itself,
Is the nature
Of the real thing?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Words Only"

Words only,
Can still leave me lonely:

For they can't always
Immediately be appraised
At their face value:

And sometimes,
As to what they mean-

I might not even have a clue...

So I say again:

Words only,
They can still leave me lonely:

Even if they spring
From the lyrics of this song-

Woman, you know,
You always seem
To want to make me
Wait so long...

But besides all that,
I also realize too-
How it's true:

That no matter...

Oh, no matter
What I do:

I'm always lonely for you.