Monday, December 27, 2010

"Being Nowhere"

I can no longer stand between-

What's here and there-

And being nowhere-

Forever seduced by empty dreams-

That can never come true-

Because I know now,
I'll never have you-

(I'll never have you)...

And yet how I wanted you-

And how I wanted you to want me too-

But that's something you'll never do-

And I accept now,
That it's true-

So it's over and done,
And though we were
Never together-
We're through...

(A love that you never knew)!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

"Your Thoughts Arranged"

Your thoughts arranged similarly to
My every fantasy:

The bliss-

A kiss-

You're the one I'm with:

Being all very supplementary to the fact
That there's just not another girl like you-

And it's true:

Us together...

Such an ease in reference-

For I know loving you
Makes perfect sense:

Oh, and so many instances directly-

With the love I need-

And you know,
It shows-

That I forever think of thee.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

"You're Like An Original Edition"

You're like an original edition-
With your thoughts arranged similarly
To my every fantasy:

You come on,
Come on-

Your heart like a page
Which relates to the lyrics
Of some very special
And beautiful love song:

And on and on and on...

Girl, with me,
You know you belong!

And I know it too:


And I know it too:

And I do...

Girl, I'm so in love with you!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"A Song To Illustrate"

A song to illustrate and insist upon:

It doesn't have to be a hit-

Or a tune so delicate-

That every note is as a thread of silk-

It's just a song to illustrate and insist upon:

Something that must be shown-

That it's always been about you, babe-

And how within my heart-

I've loved you for so very long.

"You Know How Easy It Is"

Of nonfictional prose-

Of poetry:

What's already learned-

The fantasy,
Within the chronological outline-

That you have no reason
To see turned:

And what's on your mind?

And did you forget again
To send your girl a rose?

But you know how easy it is
To comment upon the tendencies of the age:

And somewhat Shakespearean,
If you speak of your life
As your time upon the stage:

The things you have included-

And whether or not
You've been deluded?

Sometimes- that's just the way it is.

Monday, August 9, 2010

"Mrs. Browning's Addiction To Opium"

Mrs. Browning's
Addiction to opium-

And did
The mere thought of it-

Just to get a little more of it-

Have her heart beating
Just like a big bass drum?

No doubt-

But that she would observe
The taking of it-

Quickly getting the shakes for it-

When she didn't get some...

That is...

Mrs. Browning's
Addiction to opium.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"In Substance"

In substance,
The arrangement is:

Understanding the meaning-

And to know when you're not dreaming:

Nor to always be in such a hurry-

Nor to always be afflicted with such a worry-

Though that may seem impossible,
And probably is...

Yet you need not necessarily
Consult this number to find-

That is, number 82-

And not number 9:

Which seems meaningless-

And yet not to blow your mind...

That is, to do:

Revolution 82?

Saturday, July 31, 2010

"Could Be A Song (Expressing)"

Could be a song expressing melancholy:

Melancholy, baby...

But it's not.

It's nothing more than something vague-

No definite outline-

Not taking any exact aim:

Just something to add to your confusion-

Until suddenly, you realize- it's only a game.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Love Like Music"

Isn't it in itself,
The nature
Of the real thing?

Compare it to rock and roll-

Like the songs,
The really good love songs-

That come to you
Articulating the primacy
Of the whole:

The words and the music,
That can cycle down-
And spin around,
Right into
And through
Your very soul...

And you realize
All the things you know:

And you long
For somebody with you
To never go-

To always stay with you,
Stay with you...

So isn't it true-

That love-



Oh, isn't it true
That love in itself,
Is the nature
Of the real thing?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Words Only"

Words only,
Can still leave me lonely:

For they can't always
Immediately be appraised
At their face value:

And sometimes,
As to what they mean-

I might not even have a clue...

So I say again:

Words only,
They can still leave me lonely:

Even if they spring
From the lyrics of this song-

Woman, you know,
You always seem
To want to make me
Wait so long...

But besides all that,
I also realize too-
How it's true:

That no matter...

Oh, no matter
What I do:

I'm always lonely for you.

Friday, April 30, 2010


You must remember-


With considerably more information:

That the thoughts verbalized-

Are open to misinterpretation...

And that,
Even more so-

Regardless of the nature of your spirit,
Or the state of your soul:

Though you may dream
About her beneath sunny skies:

And in your heart,
There's the childlike nights-
And fireflies:

When you're longing,
And lonely for her...

That may not at all be
What she believes
She sees in your eyes.

"Continued Emphasis"

The continued emphasis
On the importance of love-


And not indirectly...

Since I long for her
To think about me-


And to see-

How that she's
Waited all of her life...

And suddenly
It all seems to be:

Because of me...



"Not Sampling"

I'm not sampling music-

That may constitute a distribution:

I have my own interpretation:

With or without a revelation...

Though it does remain
My one great desire
Throughout it all,
That it becomes
Quite relevant-

Well, you know...

If I choose to use it.

"The Different Subject Matter"

Even for the different subject matter:

For it's true
That only they
That refuse to see-

Would say
It's random,
Rather than design:

The purposeful distortion...


If you're smart,
And deep down-

You do have a good heart:

Better beware:


Better beware all those
Various vested interests:

That you've allowed
Over and over again:

To play so many
Of those
Toe-tapping games
With your mind.

Monday, April 26, 2010

"Dream State Sequence"

Even the dream state
Had an appropriate sequence:

Before my eyes
In what I saw-
The images:

Oh, the vision of it all!

And within my ears as well,
The sounds of words
Blending together:

Bringing forth a new song!

Which I began to sing-

And suddenly
It was as if,
Or like thousands of angels
Also came-

And they too,
Began to sing:

And I heard them
Call my name.

"The World / The World"

Just to accelerate-

To hasten and hurry-

Going supersonic-

Or you just slow down-

Slow, slow, down...

But oh, not to worry!

You'll soon
Overtake the tonic,
And be right back
On your feet again!

For the world- the world-

The world is like a catalyst itself-

Exactly to the point of where you've been!

Or so they tell you-

So they tell you-

They tell you-

Yeah, they tell you.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

"The Northern California Lady"

Northern California lady-

Illicit chemicals-

She couldn't say, "No."

Which almost, or nearly so-

Crap- I don't know...

But they do make her think she can see things-

They make her think she can be things-

Like a bird in the sky...

Makes her climb up a water tower way up high-

And once up there-

She shouts to everyone down below:

"Hey, look at me everybody-"

"I can fly!"

"I can fly!"

And she does try:



And ker-splat!!!!

And that's the end of that!

"Hip, Or Genteel?"

Is she hip, or genteel?

From an upper-crust family-
A member of the local gentry,
Who's just decided
She wants to ramble around with me?

Have some fun,
That she never has had-

A kind of
Poor little rich girl-
And isn't it just so sad?

Though it's more likely,
That she just wants to be bad-

Her own warped way
Of punishing her family,
For giving her
Everything she ever wanted-

A room
Full of high-priced junk,
That has left her feeling
Nothing but haunted:

So is she hip, or genteel?

Wanting to see
What it's like
On the wrong side
Of the tracks-

Find herself
Among the working class....

Saturday, March 13, 2010

"If I -"

If I purport to be
Part of this reality:

There is a possibility
That what I say is true.

But sometimes it seems
Nothing more than a dream!

A masquerade!

Oh, nothing more than an attitude!

Until it reaches a point:

Where it all simply tumbles back down to-

Just like everyone-

Just like you-

A search for a clue!

Friday, March 12, 2010

"These Visions"

My thoughts and dreams-

These visions!

They're a blend-

And a brew!

The philosophy that comes shimmering:

Longed for and felt impending-

The philosophy that is you!

As it was before we even met-

I sensed you like a prophesy:

And I also knew immediately-

That you would love me too!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"The Kingdom Of Pauperdom"

The kingdom of pauperdom-

And it doesn't matter
If you talk about revolution
In your destitution:

You're lost in your necessitous-

Everything's something strange:

Though a penny
Found upon the sidewalk
Is still always a plus-

Even when considering
All the other things
You're very much in need of:

Like food and shelter-


And love.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


No caesarism-
No kaiserism-

No despotism-
No autocracy-

And calling it democracy-

Such doesn't entertain:

Unless you're part of it-

Or long for the start of it-

Demonic- or insane...


Ah, freedom!

Let it be said...

Desolate is- any other form of earthly kingdom:

Even as the very concept of freedom itself-
All over the world,
Is being slowly and quietly
Put to bed...

So many freedoms already sleeping-

But not dead...


"The Aspects Of A Concept"

You say,
The aspects of a concept-
One in which you
Are referred to...

And any one of a number
That you might well,
And no doubt will-
Discover yourself.

But if you are directed-

Expect to be corrected-

Until there is another communication-

And you're suddenly
Into something-
Which to you,
Seems quite new:

It is your search for meaning-

The search for the truth.

"I Don't Want To Confuse"

I don't want to confuse-

I don't want you to think you're being used-

Understand it-

I'm not so underhanded:

For if you only knew-

If you only knew-

Woman, if you only knew-

The way I really feel about you!

You'd find yourself in a derangement-

And with a new attitude:

As you realized,
When you looked
Like the first time
Into my eyes:

I'm lost in a kind of delirium-

And my heart beats for you like a drum!

I may not always seem to show it-

But hopefully now:

Baby, you know it-

I love you!

So don't be confused:

Because I don't want to confuse-

No, not even when I do-

I don't want you to be confused:

I don't want to confuse- you!

"Sulfurous Words"

Your sulfurous words!

And you scowl-

After a shower of them from your lips:

Your sulfurous words!

And I take offense-

Have me up in arms!

No longer interested in your charms:

Should have had better sense-

You're a hot tempered woman:

And I will not make the mistake
Of asking you out again:

And again- and again.

Monday, January 25, 2010

"Call It-"

Perfectly captured-
Of my soul:

The thoughts and dreams
I suddenly rediscover
Within my heart and mind-
While I am here at rest,
At the end of this winter's day...

Yet I will not quickly arise-
And compose an essay:

It's not negligence...

It's simply that this feeling-
I know,
Is far better in the substance
Of verse,
Than prose:

Call it poetic common sense.

Sunday, January 24, 2010



Astronomer royal-
Who might have read
Keats' "When I Have Fears That I May Cease To Be":

A refugee from a trance.


Yet no doubt,
For a poet probably-
As to where eternity might be:

Like an aerialist-
Who has remained
Above the clouds,
And so has not-
Descended into tragedy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Routinely- (Western Diplomat)"


Western diplomat-

Cat in a hat-

Business as usual-

Illustrative of-

Not exactly love:

"Mars Attacks!"

The international community,
And what remains to be seen:


Can you say, "Guerrilla Insurgency"-

Played upon like a laser beam?

For you must realize,
To realize anything at all-

That nothing is as it appears,
Let alone seems...

But ask yourself:

"How can it be any other way?"

What with so much routinely-

Western diplomat stalking-

And the same old
Cat in the hat
Doing all the talking-

Upon the grass they go walking-

(And well, you know, many other things like that....)

"And Eight Is The Number"

To wait patiently
For the opening up
Of a door-

Even though
You may have already
Been through it
Seven times before-

Which would make eight...

And eight is the number
That if toppled onto its side
The symbol for infinity:

God's love...

Without abandonment:

Unlike the skill-
The expertise-

Yet do not call the police...

Because you can count on it,
That it's all just so much arithmetic
With those various forms of government:

Your name and number-

You are a number...

Very peculiar:

The smell of money-

Strange scent!

Yet it has to be used to pay your bills-

Pay your rent- ha!

"Your Vision Projected Wonderfully"

You project your vision wonderfully,
Even if it is totally lacking in what so many
Perceive as the basic concepts of reality-

But I wouldn't let it bother me...

For what is life indeed,
Without some degree of fantasy?

I would myself say,
That's part of its power-

So go on right ahead,
And let it flower-

Gaze upon a moonbeam-
And dream:

Ah, and be just like a child!

Even if only for a little while...

For I do truly believe,
And it's a belief I'll never leave-
That laughter in sheer happiness
Can sometimes begin with no more
Than a little smile:

So let me see you smile- smile.