Monday, September 28, 2009

"Poetry There"

Poetry there-

The use of the imagination:

And I ignore criticism
From those
Who say for them,
There's no sense of clarification-

Why there should be poetry there...

Again and again from them,
The question being:
Is there poetry there?

(Is there poetry there?)

Because it doesn't
Come up to
Their modern expectations...

Yet there's poetry there,
If it pushes and pulls
Someone spiritually-

And philosophically:

And it is thought
And felt:
There is poetry there...

(There is poetry there...)

Like an image of she,
Who is young and fair-
And sits beneath the trees,
Reading to herself,
Verse from a book of poetry:

And suddenly a quiet breeze
Whispers through the leaves
Of the trees,
And slightly ruffles
The pages of her
Book of poetry,
And her hair!

Yes, I'd say
In just that image alone,
There is poetry there...

Regardless of how
Seemingly 19th century-

There is poetry there!

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