Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Jitterbugging Jane"

Jitterbugging Jane-
Back in the 1920s,
Till sometime into
The early 1930s-
She performed
Under that name:

Knew gangsters-

Did stripteases,
In speakeasies-

Quite insane:

She was anybody's girl-

Jitterbugging Jane!

Even with the hobos
And bums that came
Off the freight trains-

She had no air of superiority-

With what she had she was quite free:

Not exactly beautiful,
Nor even lovely-

In fact-
From the photographs
In her autobiography,
She looked pretty ugly-

But she was a girl of mad abandon,
And was up for any sort of game:

Must have been
Really popular in her time-

Which gave her I suppose,
Some degree of a claim to fame...

But as for me,
If the truth be told-
Even with the old proverbial
Ten foot pole:

I myself,
Wouldn't have touched
Jitterbugging Jane!

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