Saturday, October 3, 2009

"Dream My Dream, (Along With Me)"

Dream my dream,
Along with me-
For all the possible poetry-

That probably will never be:

Bringing up a cry
For hearts
That will not always beat-

The remembrance
Of a smile or a tear
For every line- (bittersweet).

And yet dream-

Oh, with hope,
And to dream!

Yes, come dream my dream,
Along with me...

The sense of fantasy,
With pen and ink-

And like Keats,
Hoping to transform
It all into reality:

Oh, the things to feel,
And the things to know-

In taking the verse to and fro:

For even though the sun
Upon this world,
May seem to be
Setting sadly low-

Still I ask- if only for a moment:

Come dream my dream,
My dream,
My dream,
Along with me.

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