Monday, October 12, 2009


Subsequently the alchemist:


And a time traveler
Can take a walk
Back into the past...

Dallas- Dallas-

Time slowed down,
But at the same moment-

It was moving way too fast:

In music alone-

The Beatles
Hadn't arrived yet:

And Elvis
Was no longer
Such a sure bet.

But everybody loved
Watching TV-

It was America- 1963.

And well,
To me,
In looking back
Into the history-

It wasn't that
There was all that much
About Kennedy:

But it seemed somebody
Was really playing hardball-

An early version
I would suppose,
Of "Shock and Awe."

And there was just something
About Lee Harvey Oswald:

That just didn't feel right-

And the feeling
Continues on into the now:


If not some conspiracy...

Just like a merry-go-round.

But it was America- 1963.

Yes, it was... America.



America- 1963.

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