Saturday, August 22, 2009


Concede the possibility
That the universe is me-
The universe is you:
But of course, it isn't-
So that's not true.

You're part of it,
I'm part of it-
And it's not irrelevant
That a duck won't jump
Like a kangaroo...


Mysticism to resonate.


And 8-track tape player,
As well as stereo turntable logic:

Even a vinyl record revelation
That John was the walrus-

But upon listening to "Glass Onion,"
You're insisting that Paul was a walrus too?

Well, as to your rational faculties-
I am in of grave doubt.

But as the needle
Goes down in to the groove...

Yeah, it's "Twist and Shout."

Because baby, I say-

It doesn't really
Have to matter
How old a song is:

It's whether or not it can make you move...

And girl,
I can see that it does-
And you do.

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