Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"From Here And There"

From here and there,
And forever thenceforward
To the essence of the lyric.

Even if for me,
It's usually
Just another unrealized attempt
At a kind of apocalypse
Grand Ole Opry show:

Or artistical poetic-
Flow of abstract rock and roll:

Sometimes seemingly Hank Williams,
If not symbolically Beatle hieroglyphic:

Steel guitar and fiddle,
And 1960s psychedelic
Backward running
And lyric riddle.

And trying to avoid
The use of
One too many
Old Victorian era poet,
Parlour tricks.

Yet it's all to the circular style-

Whether it's to the folk memories
Of some ancient British village-

Or the various type
Honky tonk
Saturday nights,
Still to be found
In any given
Small Southern town.

For what goes around- well, comes around.

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