Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"It's Only To Fix Some Dreams"

It's only to fix some dreams-

The ones that have gotten
A bit out of joint,
And come very close
To losing their point.

The memory of images,
And the memory of words-

Sitting well within the solitude
Of all the things that I've seen,
And all the voices that I've heard:

It's only to fix some dreams-

Projecting a balance between
Their actual value,
And after all these years-

Exactly what they really mean:

Like finding myself
Standing beneath some starry sky,
Or the times I found myself dreaming
That I could fly:

And recalling a girl
That I never got to know,
But who- whenever I saw her-
Looked at me with such longing in her eyes:

And oh,
How she seemed to love me so...

It's only to fix some dreams.

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