Monday, August 10, 2009

"The Last Stop ( 1:58 A.M. in the Morning )"

A tip for the waitress-
Because she doesn't look the kind
To allow a slap upon her behind!

Well, you know,
Some of these truckstop mamas,
Just don't wanna let it shine!

So I'm outside climbing aboard my old rig-
And heading off down the road-

Doing what I always do-

Hauling another load:

Turning on the radio...

And immediately
Picking up the start
Of Red Sovine...

"Phantom 309"

While I'm already
Lead-footing it,
Rushing through the gears-

Pushing this old rig up to speed:

Just trying to make some time!

But suddenly there's lights up ahead,
All over the road-

And I'm....

( Time of death upon the police report- 2:48 A.M. in the morning ).

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