Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"As Seriously As I Should"

Maybe I don't take you
As seriously as I should-
But even when I first saw you,
I didn't think I would.

But after all girl,
I thought you were
Just going to be
A kind of

Yet here we are now,
Together all the time-
Going places:

Constant smiles to one another-

Stopping to give each other quick,
As well as long French kisses:

Walking down the street,
And holding hands:

It's crazy...

And I've no doubt,
But that it probably won't be long now,
Before I find we're busy making wedding plans-

It wouldn't surprise me:

So maybe it's true-

That I didn't, and don't take you
As seriously as I should.

But it seems the way things
Have turned out,
I need to.

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