Thursday, July 2, 2009

"The Proper Respect"

Every survey
Of ancient history
And tradition-

And the continued interest
In the physical remains
Of long dead Egyptian:


With the deciphering
Of the Rosetta stone...

And though
It's not as if
There's anything
Wrong with reading
And studying
The writings
On tombs
And temples-

It does make you wonder,
When it comes to
These same ancient Egyptians-

If sometimes
They wouldn't mind
Very much-

At least for a while,
Just to find themselves
Being left alone?

That is-

When you consider
The endlessly disturbing
Of their peaceful slumber,
After having been asleep
For so very long?

Though I'll admit
To as much curiosity
As anyone else-

I can't deny-

But that it is fascinating...

Yet I think
There is also such a thing
As making a point
Of simply knowing when
To show the proper respect.

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