Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"In Her Beauty"

She has
An ethereal substance
In her beauty,
Made up of
The most perfect curves-

That even a glance at her
Can titillate the mind:

And an actual
Look at her
Reveals she moves
Like a cat- who's a spy.

She has
That supreme gift-

That if you're not careful,
Will quickly see you whipped.

A surprise mathematical logic
In her very existence-

And the ability
To give such a love,
That can be seen in her eyes.

Forget the slide rules-

She has
Caressed the soul-

She is like the very essence
Of the purity of pi-

The ratio
Of the circumference
Of a circle
To its diameter:

She's forever hello,
And never goodbye.

She must have come from the sky.

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