Monday, July 13, 2009

"Just Trying To Get A Date, And She Keeps Saying- NO!"

Now babe,
It's like you're speaking
A foreign language to me:

I'm asking you out for a date-

Which considering it's me,
Should be the thrill of your life-

But I don't understand
This one particular word
You keep using:

I just don't have any idea
What it means...

Now how do you pronounce it- nn, nn, n-no?

Is that the way you say it?


Well, isn't that in itself,
Just another way of saying- "yes"?

I know what '"yes" means-
Because that's what most
Of the other ladies say:

I ask them out-

And they give out a little squeal of delight,
And go:
"Yes! Yes!
"Oh, Yes! Yes! Yes!"

"Drop dead"?

Is that what you said?

What's that supposed to mean?

Means- what?

Means- "No!" ?

Now see,
There you go using that word again-
And I've already told you,
I haven't a clue what it means!

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