Monday, July 6, 2009

"Southern Poetry Statement"


The language I use,
The Southern language-
Tried and true:

The literary folk rhythm,
And poetic pattern-

Somewhat from the continental
European village,
But mainly of the British Isles-

And not in the style
Of the Latin
Of the ancient
Roman nobility,
Or in the perceived
Optimum academic cadence
Of the classical Greek.

No- nor by any means,
The media darling-
Verbal debauchery,
That runs-
And smears like snot,
Out of the so-called:
American East Coast elite!

For me-
It's none of that at all...

It's just the language I use,
The language of the South-
Tried and true:

The words I was born to,
Raised in-

From birth,
The words heard and used
Down through the generations-

And understood by the Southern people:

Let me tell you now-

I know what I do.

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