Wednesday, July 15, 2009

"Indelible Imprints"

The indelible imprints
Which the mind can make:

Listening to old 1960s
Music recordings-

And looking at a photograph
From that area-
Of a girl
With an enigmatic smile,
And knowing eyes-
Draped in the flag of the United States:

Makes you want to stand up,
And give her a salute-

She's beautiful-
And in those knowing eyes,
She's well aware of it too:

She knows
She goes way beyond
Being just another tie-dyed,
Bell bottomed babe,
Who's looking rather
'Summer of Love' hippie cute!

And so what
If I'm thinking what
She must have been like-

As that same era music
I'm listening to-

Plays on and on,
Song after song:

All night long?

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