Monday, July 13, 2009

"Billy Cooley And His Girlfriend"

Dark skies-
The webs of spiders,
And the wings of bats-

Feathers ripped from an owl-
A dead cat,
And a sick muskrat:

As well as the snapping
Of the fingers,
And the giving of a bow-

And of course, flies!
Lots and lots of flies!
All beneath dark skies!

That's what Billy Cooley
Was out in the graveyard doing-
Sudden lightening,
And trouble brewing!

As out of her grave,
Billy's dead girlfriend
Began to rise-

Not a whole lot
Could be said for her remains,
As she held out her hands to Billy-
And tried to smile...

But Billy with one good look,
Just went "ooh."

And ran off screaming:

While his girlfriend,
Still levitating above her grave,
Kept peering about in some confusion-
And asking: "What? What? What did I do?"

Then catching sight of Billy
Disappearing just over the hill-

She gave an evil look,
And began yelling:

"You come back here you little twerp-
"Or I'm going to do bad things to you!"

But he didn't-
And giving chase,
When she caught him:
She did.

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